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  • What is a Lyberty Plan?
    Lyberty Gym Membership Plans are membership plans available at your gym that allow you to choose how many days you want to attend the gym. You pay for only those days that you attend the gym and not for the entire month as in term-memberships. Thus, you save upto 30% on your membership fees on an average.
  • How does Lyberty Gym Membership Plan work?
  • Are Lyberty Plans available at my gym?
    Currently, Lyberty Plans are available only at select gyms located in Pune and surrounding areas. We are soon expanding to other cities in India. You can find all the gyms that are listed with us here. If your gym is not listed with us, let us know here. We will get your Gym onboard as soon as we can so that you can get Lyberty Memberships with No Strings Attached.
  • I am a member of ABC Gym in XYZ city! I am interested in purchasing a Lyberty Plan and continue going to ABC gym in future. Is that possible?
    Yes of course! You can purchase Lyberty Gym Membership Plan at YOUR gym! If your gym is not listed, let us know here.
  • Can I continue to use Lyberty Gym Membership in case my sessions expire and I have validity left?
    No. If your sessions expire you have to renew your Lyberty Membership.
  • Can my friend use my Lyberty Solo Membership ?
    No :) Lyberty Solo Membership, as the name suggests, is meant for one person. We hope you will be a sport and not share your membership with your friend. BTW, the Gym management can ask you to produce your identity at any time. If found to be misused, your membership may be cancelled with immediate effect without any conditions.
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